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“My experience at the HDRetina Eye Center was exceptional! Every team member from the front desk to the check out was personable, knowledgeable, and professional. Any eye problem is unnerving and a bit frightening, but the calm, compassionate, efficiency of the staff, along with their patience in explaining procedures and answering questions, both for me and for my husband, helped ease our minds. And Dr. Dhindsa himself? Wow! A true expert in his field; a man who has an obvious passion for the work he does, and a genuine concern for his patients. I never felt he was in a hurry or that I was just a number. He thoroughly explained treatment options and risks in terms we could understand and welcomed our questions. We also appreciated the willingness and efforts made to work with us financially, as we have no traditional insurance. I would not hesistate to recommend HDRetina wholeheartedly to anyone needing their services and expertise.”



“I came to Dr. Dhindsa in June based on a referral from Dr. Garrido. I was apprehensive about my eye health, concerned about some of the potential problems that had surfaced during a routine exam. Dr. Dhindsa’s staff was very kind and friendly, explaining each procedure and patiently answering my questions.When I was examined by Dr. Dhindsa, the problems were explained in context. I’m grateful to report that no urgent issues need to be addressed at this time.

I am a self-pay patient and the doctor was so gracious to work with me on a reduced payment plan. I received excellent care both medically and personally.”



“I have been seeing Dr. Dhindsa as a patient since 2006, and have been very happy with his care of my eyes. He has always shown great interest in my problem and the fact I can still see is a tribute to his skills.  I have met few doctors who have as good a “bedside manner” or patient=doctor relationship as does Dr. Dhindsa. I only wish some of my other doctors were as good. I give the highest recommendation to anyone needing the services of a truly great retinal specialist to use Dr. Hardeep Dhindsa as your doctor.”



“The best thing about being a patient of Dr. Dhindsa is knowing you have the best doctor with the best staff to help you. So if you’re fortunate to be his patient, then you can relax, knowing you’re in very capable hands.”



“Thank you for the report from my eye exam last Friday.  You will be the person monitoring my vision.  I couldn’t have been happier with my experience at your office on Friday from the minute we walked in the door until we left.  Everyone that we had contact with was professional, knowledgeable and friendly which is rare to see in medicine today.  You are the fourth ophthalmologist that I have seen over my 22 year history of SLE.  You examined my eyes in ways that no one else has.  You were extremely thorough and obviously expert in your field of specialty but still able to convey your findings in a manner that is easy for the patient to understand.  Our visit with you was nothing less than exceptional.

Thank you to you and all of your staff.”




I am 89 years old and just recently was diagnosed with a retina problem.  My ophthalmologist referred me to Dr. H.S. Dhindsa, located at the HDRetina Eye Center in Reno.

I was very impressed by all the latest technology. Pictures were taken of the back of my retina and the problem was explained to me thoroughly.

Dr. Dhindsa has a beautiful personality and showed alot of compassion for his patients. He made me feel at ease, explaining exactly what he intended to help my situation.

The facility was absolutely spotless, which I appreciated.

Thanks Dr. Dhindsa to you and your “awesome” staff.




Experiencing a retina tear is scary.  I went to my cataract surgeon with the problem and was immediately sent to Dr. Dhindsa.  Even though it was Friday noon and the weekend was almost there, within three hours I was admitted to Renown Hospital and he repaired my eye. I went home that evening.  My eye healed beautifully.  Dr. Dhindsa followed up with check-ups and was always available for questions or concerns.


Dr. Dhindsa is an extremely skilled and gifted surgeon, and also a very caring and compassionate person.  He donates his talent and operates on many people in poor countries throughout the world, who would not otherwise have their sight repaired.  I would recommend him to anyone.




Everybody in this clinic is terrific!! I go to many clincs: GI, Cardiology, Prostate..and this clinic has the happiest, most efficient staff of any I have experience with. I am 80 years old–Now!!

Dr. Dhindsa is sent from heaven and his talent in medicine (eye surgery) comes under God’s guidance!!

This clinic is a happy place to visit (even if I need eye injections with avastin)




Dr. Dhindsa and his staff at HD RETINA Eye Center were courteous, professional and on time for my father’s tests and exams. This office felt like family, which made my father relax going through these difficult times.

The equipment is state of the art as well as the knowledge and expertise of this fine doctor.

Dr. Dhindsa and his colleagues explained each procedure thoroughly and the outcomes we might expect.

I would highly recommend this well-run office and wish Dr. Dhindsa the best of luck in his new location.




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